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Programme with Code Duration
(in years)
Master of Arts
MA Hindi (MAH)
MA English (MAE)
MA History (MAHY)
MA Political Science (MAPS)
2 Graduation
MA Maths (MAM) 2 Graduation(Maths)
MA Education (MAED) 2 Graduation
Master of Social Work (MSW) 2 Graduation
Master of Commerce (MCOM) 2 Graduation
Bachelor of Commerce (BCOM) 3 10+2
Bachelor of Arts(General) (BAG)
*Compulsory Subjects: Gen. Hindi / Gen. English, Environmental Studies & Computer Science
3 10+2
Optional Subjects of BAG are classified into 3 groups, Candidates are required to choose any one group from the following:
Group A English /Hindi/ Sanskrit Economics Political Science
Group B English /Hindi/ Sanskrit History Public Administration
Group C English /Hindi/ Sanskrit Sociology Philosophy

*To be qualified once in a programme, not to be included in final grading.

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